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Hardik Pandya-: Mumbai Indian’s 2024 captain Hardik Pandya had to face a lot of difficulties in captaining Mumbai Indian. His team did not have a particularly good performance in the IPL due to which the team was eliminated. X i.e. it is trending a lot on Twitter that Hardik Pandya and Natasha, his wife are going to get divorced, due to which Hardik Pandya is trending a lot.

If this divorce happens, it is heard that Hardik Pandya will have to give 70% of the share to his wife due to which his entire savings will go to his wife. Hardik Pandya had already planned that if in future there is a divorce after marriage then I will not have to give a single rupee to the girl because Hardik Pandya keeps most of his land in his mother’s name.

Does Hardik Pandya have property worth crores of rupees?

Hardik Pandya’s salary while playing for Mumbai Indians is Rs 15 crore and he still earns from ads. And there is a lot of property in his mother’s name. In an interview in 2017, Hardik Pandya said that if I ever get divorced in the future, I will have to give half of my property to my wife. That’s why Hardik Pandya had already thought of keeping all his property in his mother’s name.

In Hardik Pandya’s house, his father and his brothers and elders keep all their land property records with their mother and do all the things in their name. If after this the wife will make a claim for divorce then she will be given some money by the government or more.

Conclusion-:About Hardik Pandya divorce has already been mentioned, still if you have any problem then ask by commenting.

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